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    Top reasons to use print mailing and door drop marketing

    Companies are saying door drop campaigns are the most effective form of marketing. Here are the top reasons you should use print mailing and door drop marketing on your next campaign.



    Corporate branding: 5 questions you should be asking

    Your brand should give your customers a picture of who you are and what you want to be known for. It should tell people more about the motivation, quality and values behind your service or product. Building your corporate brand isn’t just about a logo, a catchy slogan, advertising or packaging. It extends to the […]



    Five rules to follow for amazing product packaging

    When designing packaging for a new product or a redesign for an existing product, there are a number of different factors you need to be aware of. Packaging can make a huge difference both to the potential buyer’s comprehension of the product, and also its ability to sell, so it right that you should take […]



    Minimising website bounce rate

    Our society is living in time of short attention spans and soundbites. People want things now, not later, and they simply won’t wait. In a world where people are busier, opportunities are greater, information is a click of a button a way, and next-day delivery is the norm, how can we catch (and keep) people’s […]



    Life in plastic (packaging)… not so fantastic.

    ‘Going Green’…does anyone care? Well, yes; a great deal, as it happens which is why some of the world’s leading consumer brands are increasingly adopting a more sustainable approach to the way in which their products are packaged. There was a time when such claims were little more than cynical band-wagon jumping. Not today. Going […]



    Utilising scent & smell in design

    Using scent to entice new business is not a new concept. We all know that old trick of baking a loaf of bread to sell your house… and no matter how healthy I’m trying to be, the smell of a fresh bacon sandwich will always end in crumbs! Branding and marketing gurus have been preaching […]



    5 Steps to create a killer email marketing campaign

    Email marketing has been a staple part of many businesses marketing plans for years now, but how do you create an email that converts the receiver into a customer. According to a study by Campaign Monitor, for every £1 spent on Email Marketing, there’s £44 made in return, which is considerably higher than what social […]



    In a digital world, how can traditional print support online marketing efforts?

    Breaking news (for no one): We’re living in a digital world. Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed changes in technology allowing us to squeeze thousands of pictures, songs and, pretty much, the entire web into pocket-sized devices. As a consequence, the future of traditional print marketing seems uncertain. Are the days of […]



    Yellow Brick by Yellow Brick

    Lego celebrates its 60th anniversary being voted as the number one brand in the UK in 2018, followed by giants like Gillette and Apple. Over 2500 voters awarded Lego for its quality, distinction, and reliability over the years. The toy manufacturer was in the second place in 2017, so it’s safe to say they are […]



    Coca-Cola Goes Coco-nut!

    Coca-Cola has been a part of the beverage industry since 1886 thanks to their classic, signature soda that we’re all familiar with. However, as customers become more aware of the kind of products they consume, there’s been a decrease in the number of cola consumers due to their high sugar percentage. As a consequence, Coca-Cola […]



    Unwrapping our favourite packaging designs of 2018 so far…

    2018 is now in full swing (how on earth did that happen?) Christmas feels like a memory of the distant past; New Years is all but forgotten, and the first signs of Spring are beginning to poke their head out from under the frost (thanks, Beast from the East). One of the most exciting things […]



    Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?

    Everybody makes mistakes, and brands are not the exception. However, it’s how they make amends or apologise that matters in the end. A successful campaign or statement can save a company’s reputation, protect its relationship with clients and turn the conversation from negative to positive. This week, KFC had to close 800 of its stores […]