Top 6 Reasons to Use Print Mailing and Door Drop Marketing


Top 6 Reasons to Use Print Mailing and Door Drop Marketing

Could door drop campaigns be the most effective source of marketing?

Large companies have found that door drop campaigns are proving to be one of the most effective marketing strategies, with 80% of the UKs top advertisers using door drops (DMA). It’s no surprise really as this marketing method puts information about your services and products directly into the hands of new and existing customers. 

With most companies using email marketing, you might have noticed less door drop marketing over the past few years. People find it cheaper and more sustainable to use email marketing. Although, out of the billions of emails that are sent each day, 45.37% of these are deemed as spam emails (Statista). This means that with the average person receiving 100-120 emails per day, almost half of these are spam related.

It’s impossible to recall all of the emails you receive in a week. But you would probably remember all of the door drops you received, with 89% of consumers saying they remember receiving a door drop mailing – that’s more than any other marketing channel (DMA)!

So, what does this mean for door drop marketing in the 21st century? Could it mean that people now favour printed mail over emails now? With fewer companies using door to door marketing, perhaps the roles have reversed and traditional marketing is making a comeback? 

Let’s dive into some of the positives surrounding door drop campaigns and why it could be beneficial to your business.

Increase your sales

No matter the size of your business, door drops could really increase your sales.

Unlike email marketing, it cuts out the middleman. You’ll have the reassurance of knowing the content won’t land in your customers spam folder. So, it makes it easier to grab the attention of your consumers and entice them into visiting your website or your store and making a purchase.

Your mailer could also offer customers discount codes and vouchers, which they’ll physically have in their hand. Be clever with your copywriting and you could make the recipient feel special and valued. Perhaps you could thank them for being a loyal customer. This is a great way to give them an incentive to buy something from your business! 

Drive customers to your website

If you want more website traffic you won’t want to miss out on these benefits as the proportion of door drops driving website sales is increasing by 50% year on year (DMA).

A strong call to action can really make a huge impact. Make this enticing enough and you can be sure to drive your website traffic through the roof (which will undoubtedly lead to more sales)!

Build trust & get personal

Print mailers add a personal touch. It’s something that your customers can actually see and feel in their hands, rather than a cold email that could easily get lost amongst their junk mail.

When print mailers look and feel appealing to your customers, they’re more likely to trust your brand and check out what you can offer them. In fact in a survey, 42% of respondents said they find print ads trustworthy. This was a positive result compared to just 18% who said they trusted ads on websites (Statista).

Target specific areas

Another positive to this marketing method is that you can easily target specific geographic areas. So, if you want people in a certain area to find out more about your business, door drop mailers are a great way to do so.

For example, you might be a new shop looking to attract more local customers. As a business, you can send leaflets or brochures to people in the surrounding areas of your location.

Build brand awareness

Did you know that 75% of door drops are engaged with (Marketreach)? Imagine if you sent out 1000 direct mailers, that’s 750 customers engaging with your brand right there!

Not only are you building brand awareness for new customers, you’re also engaging with your existing customers. This is a great way to get your brand out there and keep it at the forefront of their minds!

Cost effective

According to Marketreach, door drops such as leaflets, flyers or brochures are a cost-effective way to get your marketing message into customers’ hands.

Just because they’re cost effective, doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Ensure they suit your brand, but also make them as creative as you wish for a more memorable customer experience.


With a staggering 90% of campaigns that used door drops seeing an increase in new customers, compared to 59% without (DMA), this cost effective marketing method proves to be successful for businesses of all sizes.

Next time you’re planning a big campaign, think about how your customers would respond to a door drop compared to another email (that they’d most likely delete before even opening). Remember that when they receive something that’s physically in their hands, there’s more chance of them reading it and more chance you’ll reach your sales target! 

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