In a digital world, how can traditional print support online marketing efforts?


In a digital world, how can traditional print support online marketing efforts?

Breaking news (for no one): We’re living in a digital world.

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed changes in technology allowing us to squeeze thousands of pictures, songs and, pretty much, the entire web into pocket-sized devices.

As a consequence, the future of traditional print marketing seems uncertain. Are the days of paper behind? Do we just forget about it and transfer everything onto little screens?

Contrary to popular belief, print is not ready to die just yet. Traditional and Digital Marketing support each other and stand side by side to create a better experience for customers and consumers.

Print and digital media working alongside eachother

Traditional print is alive and kicking

Traditional print in modern day marketing is still very much alive and kicking.

A study in Germany, in January 2017, found that 54% of those asked would trust magazine and newspaper ads, whilst only 16% would trust advertising on websites. That’s a definite vote of confidence and a better reason than any to keep print in your marketing mix – if your consumers trust it, then don’t ditch it!

So, how do you combine Digital and Print Marketing for a killer strategy?

Digital opt-ins for print mail

Use digital platforms to determine who’s interested in your product. Digital traffic and engagement will help you understand your audience before you decide to make a bigger investment in print.

A great way to measure your online efforts is to offer ebooks, discounts and other goodies for your customers. Lots of brands do this. Tiffany & Co, The White Company, and Penhaligons (amongst many, many others) all send out beautiful brochures that look stunning, provide inspiration and information about new products, remind people about why they love the brand, and encourage them (very gently) to make a purchase. These brochures often contain discounts for loyal customers too, making people feel special (which is always nice). Because they look so pretty, they’re unlikely to be chucked on the junk mail pile.

Other brands such as Boots and ASOS go one step further, creating their own magazines for customers so that they can buy into the lifestyle that the brand is promoting.

Complimentary voices

Digital and Print Advertising work well together because they use different approaches. Digital Marketing aims to turn an audience into loyal customers through quality content and branding.

On the other hand, Print Advertising has an active role in the buyer’s journey and can direct audiences through call to actions.

Reach a wider audience

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone is online.

To make the most out of your Marketing strategy, you can’t just rely on Digital efforts.

Introducing printed media into the mix will allow you to reach a whole new audience of non-frequent Internet users. You can also use print to bring attention to your online presence, combining both worlds effectively.

Final thoughts

To only acknowledge Digital Marketing to promote your business is a mistake. If you take a look at big brands around the world, you’ll notice how they use print AND digital together to reach as many customers as possible.

Here at Page Creative, we understand how vital it is to create a Marketing plan that links digital and traditional perfectly. Get in touch to find out how PAGE can help your print marketing work harder!

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