Coca-Cola Goes Coco-nut!


Coca-Cola Goes Coco-nut!

Coca-Cola has been a part of the beverage industry since 1886 thanks to their classic, signature soda that we’re all familiar with.

However, as customers become more aware of the kind of products they consume, there’s been a decrease in the number of cola consumers due to their high sugar percentage. As a consequence, Coca-Cola decided to expand their offerings by joining the ever-growing industry of coconut water by buying their very own brand of organic coconut water mixed with pressed juices: Zico.

Zico responds to a huge rise in the popularity of the coconut water market, which is expected to reach $7 billion worldwide by 2021. This move is also looking for audiences to associate Coca-Cola as a brand with wellness and health.

For those who are not yet sold on the idea of coconut water but still perceive it as a healthy choice, Zico presents flavours such as chocolate, watermelon-raspberry, and jalapeño-mango, as well as the classic unflavoured one.

Coca-Cola’s move follows Pepsi’s announcement of their own sparkly water brand called bubly and the already iconic LaCroix, a coconut water brand with millions of fans on Social Media thanks, in large part, to its beautiful packaging.

The success of LaCroix’s packaging shows how these days visual branding is as important as ever. Brands aim for their customers to take pictures of their products and post them on their Social Media, to almost brag about them.

Therefore, we took the time to gather three coconut water packaging designs that we think are branding goals.



The brand Kai sets itself apart in the market of coconut water with an elegant, minimalistic package to enhance the premium quality of its product.

This luxurious design including subtle drawings of coconuts and flowers makes Kai stand out in a crowd of bottles with tropical images and loud colours.



This design includes fun illustrations to capture the feel good vibe of the product with a colour palette including blue and green that is vibrant and refreshing.

The pure young quality of the product is enhanced by the adventures shared in each package through the use of Coconaut as a character full of stories.



The packaging for Unoco represents the simplicity and purity of the product: Organic, 100% untreated coconut water.

The different varieties of green match the colour of young coconuts, while the hints of pink stand for early picked, all natural coconut water.

We also love how versatile this design is since it can be placed horizontally or vertically without losing its eye-catching, modern look.

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