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Amidst the hustle and bustle of 19th Century central London, Penhaligon’s was born. William Penhaligon chose No. 66 Jermyn St as the brand’s first home; a stone’s throw away from Fortnum and Mason, and in the area best known for Gentlemen’s shopping and grooming.

Since 1870, the internationally recognised, quintessentially English, fragrance house has been breaking the boundaries of luxury fragrance, giving everything that they turn their hand to a creative twist.

With two Royal Warrants, Penhaligon’s is an international company with an increasingly comprehensive fragrance range. They’ve worked hard to gain this reputation for excellence, and only work with the best quality ingredients for their impressively eclectic range of fragrances. Frangipani to Violet leaves, Cinnamon to leathery wood – the notes in their men’s and women’s fragrances are second to none.

Penhaligons instore graphics
PAGE has played a fundamental role in the inception and implementation of numerous marketing projects, from the creation of marketing collateral to the visualisation of a boutique window. They have always provided exceptional service in everything they do for us and are renowned for going above and beyond the call of duty. They are our number one agency when it comes to all things creative
Polly Neung
Brand Marketing Executive
Penhaligons trade routes poster design

PAGE’s Creative Work with the Parfumier

It’s that creativity, quality, and eclectic style that we try to emulate through packaging for the brand.

We are extremely proud to say we’ve been working alongside Penhaligon’s for many years now, providing creative support to their marketing department. We work with them on promotions, product packaging, sales literature, and a number of other mediums.

We carry out design and artwork, handle printing and production of the product packaging and other items for Penhaligon’s, and even distribute the end product to the brand’s international outlets. PAGE have also contributed to digital and online campaigns and produced and installed in-store visual merchandising for the brand in the UK, US, and Asia.

Penhaligons strapline design

Going Above and Beyond for the Portraits Collection

When Penhaligon’s created the portraits collection, we were tasked with promoting it. The collection focuses on the rolling hills of the English countryside, and each bottle is capped with the portrait of an animal; Stags, Cockerels, Peacocks, and Lions were all about the grace the shelves of Penhaligon’s perfumeries.

We knew that we had to match the originality of the collection with our promotional work, and that included sourcing a specialist fan-maker in China to help us realise our design concept. This out-of-the-ordinary type of work is what the PAGE team thrive on, and we were so excited to see our designs in action.

Penhaligons packaging designs

Why we Love this Client

We love Penhaligon’s, because they understand (and embody) creativity. We are able to let the creative juices flow with this client, because they are so well known for their sheer opulence and detail. They’re not shy about design – that’s for sure!

We revel in working with this beautiful brand as our creative team loves the opportunity to go to town with the pattern and colour that create the elaborate Penhaligon’s style.

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