Majestic RV

Majestic RV

Majestic RV specialises in offering luxury RV and motorhome rentals, sales and imports for both the corporate and consumer markets across the UK and Europe.

Majestic RVs have become a familiar sight at prestigious motorsport events like Le Mans, The Goodwood Festival and BTCC events, where they’ve built strong relationships with organisers, teams and attendees. They can also be found regularly on many film and TV production shoots and at the Glastonbury Music Festival. An exclusive partnership with Alliance RV, means Majestic now sells the very best in new American 5th wheel RVs, Motorhomes and Caravan Trailers, straight from the USA.

PAGE has been at the forefront of Majestic RV's journey, spearheading its marketing initiatives from the very beginning - encompassing branding, web design, photography, content creation, and a focused digital advertising strategy.

The website needed to present a professional offering to attract the interest of motorsport teams and film production companies in a competitive industry sector. Developed as a fully custom build in WordPress, a contemporary design majors on the use of video and quality imagery to showcase these amazing vehicles and the luxury they offer.

majestic rv motorhomes case study by digital marketing agency

Navigating the Road to Success: Majestic RV’s Dynamic Google Ads Campaign

In November 2023, PAGE set up an ambitious Google Ads campaign, with the goal of amplifying its presence and ensuring its rental availability was fully booked for major motorsports events and music festivals. Through a strategic mix of search and Performance Max campaigns, we aimed to not only enhance Majestic RV’s visibility but also to secure a notable increase in rental bookings.

The Google Ads activity was a resounding success, contributing significantly to Majestic RV achieving max capacity rental bookings for its key events (including British F1 and Glastonbury). This digital advertising campaign was instrumental in not just meeting but exceeding Majestic RV’s objectives, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-crafted and well-optimised digital advertising strategy.

Campaign highlights over the past 4-months include:

PAGE’s Google Ads campaign for Majestic RV is a prime example of digital marketing excellence. By leveraging targeted advertising and strategic campaign management, we not only met Majestic RV’s objectives but also propelled the company to new heights of market success – this highlights our dedication to delivering impactful digital marketing solutions that drive real business results.

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