Why user testing is essential for your next web project

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Why user testing is essential for your next web project

Before you launch a website, you’ll go through your standard checklist… is it designed well? …is it mobile-friendly? …does the content convey your company services? Is it all singing and dancing etc, etc …but wait! What if your website does all of this, but lacks a fundamental point. Can the user find what they are looking for and can they do it easily?

There are several key ingredients that are vital for a successful website, but in the end, it comes down to user experience and a positive engagement with your content.

Say hello to User Testing

In hopes of saving time, money and your users sanity(!), User Testing has become more and more relevant when it comes to developing websites and apps. With the help of tools such as User Testing, you’ll know what your page is lacking in terms of content, design, readability, UX and UI before it is live and running in just a few clicks.

User Testing – does exactly what it says on the tin!

The best part about User Testing is that, as its name suggests, its 100% based on what real people think of your website, app or digital product, rather than what search engines or algorithms may look for. Regardless of which part of the web-process you are at User Testing and its insights will allow you to adapt to whatever your audience needs and understands what your page’s strengths and weaknesses are.

You could either target the criteria of professionals in your businesses field or just widen the net to any audience sector. You could even can sign up to become a tester yourself, and make money! They follow the tasks you set and give live feedback. With each campaign you receive a video from each user, this includes their screen recording in real time along with their spoken commentary. All of this will help ultimately decide on wether what you have created is the best it can be for you or your customer.

We took advantage of User Testing on one of our current projects with Coach Direct, a platform that will allow users to book coaches for any occasion – worldwide. Our UserTesting results initially picked up potential booking issues, an example being that there was only one pickup and drop-off location box… “But what if the user wanted to book the return journey to a different location?”. Along with this and other user feedback we transformed their current simple enquiry form into a clean booking system which has been well received.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of User Testing – trust us… there will always be something or a scenario which you’ve not thought about!

Working on a new project?

If you’re planning on launching a new product, updating your website or just including another service within your offering, surely understanding your users needs will be at the top of your checklist.

Are you ready to start User Testing now?

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