Frozen champagne, prosecco and Pimms.. POPS-tastic!

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Frozen champagne, prosecco and Pimms.. POPS-tastic!

This week is going to be an absolute scorcher and we all know nothing goes better with fun in the sun than an ice cream or a nice cold one, so our newest client has ‘popped’ up at the perfect time!  

Created by two school friends back in 2014, POPS has become the marketing leaders in the premium alcohol POPsycles marketplace with luxury flavours such as Champagne, Prosecco, Martini, to name but a few. They also partnered with Pimms in 2017 to launch the world’s first PIMM’S flavoured POPsycle.

This week PAGE were tasked with producing company-bespoke sleeve wraps for upcoming festivals and events which we think look as great as they taste! Keep your eyes peeled for POPS at festivals and events across the UK this summer, you won’t be disappointed …but all in moderation of course!

Get in touch with the team today to see how we can help package your next project!

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