Bonkers, but A-Maze-ing! | Taking on the Crystal Maze


Bonkers, but A-Maze-ing! | Taking on the Crystal Maze

There was all to play for when the PAGE crew headed to The Crystal Maze in Angel, London, for a Friday night head to head between our two teams of eight.

Based on the popular TV game show from the 90s, the evening is billed as the ultimate team challenge, in which teams face challenges testing skill, mental and physical ability across four adventure time zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. For each challenge completed, teams earn a Crystal. The amount of crystals earned dictate the amount of time teams gets in the final challenge – The Crystal Dome!

The winning team is the one that collects the most of what appears to be gold Werthers wrappers in the dome’s blowers…. harder than it looks!

The Green Team, led by captain Lee, had their game faces on as, for some inexplicable reason, a Roman Centurion took us through the various challenges. While the Blues were equally determined to triumph under Captain Mark.

Some of us did better at the challenges than others as we manically raced from room to room, with Tony facing a Lock In when he failed to put a third golden egg in a third cow pat without his feet touching the ground…or similar…. it certainly wasn’t your usual Friday night out. Despite this epic fail, his team, the Greens narrowly took the glory at the end of the evening.

And the winning team gets…. absolutely nothing…. except of course the highly valuable bragging rights in the studio for the next few days.

We can thoroughly recommend the Crystal Maze – there was some really clever design and thought put into the four zones and all the challenges – the whole event was an immersive theatrical experience.

Any clients out there who want to get up a team and challenge us? We’re ready!

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