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    Website Design

    Top SEO tips you need to know

    With everyone trying to rank on the first page of Google, there is a lot of competition out there. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Take a look at these top SEO tips to help you succeed.


    Website Design

    Google Analytics: Migrating from UA to GA4

    From July 1st 2023, Google is replacing its web analytics service from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). The update aims to provide improved capabilities for managing advertisements, tracking conversions, and seamless integration with all related services. If you own a website, chances are either yourself or your web services provider are familiar […]


    Website Design

    Web Design: 3 Things You Need for a Successful Web Page

    Websites are key for businesses for a number of reasons. They provide a space for audiences to; gather information, purchase products, make a booking, or find contact information. However, there are some websites out there that people just want to avoid. Find out what you need for a successful web page.


    Website Design

    Why user testing is essential for your next web project

    Before you launch a website, you’ll go through your standard checklist… is it designed well? …is it mobile-friendly? …does the content convey your company services? Is it all singing and dancing etc, etc …but wait! What if your website does all of this, but lacks a fundamental point. Can the user find what they are looking for and […]


    Website Design

    How Website Mobile Speed Affects Your SEO

    We’ve given you the lo down on designing a website with mobile friendliness in mind – now we want to chat to you about the speed of that website. In the world of websites, slow and steady won’t win you the race – not even close. The speed of a website has always been important. […]


    Website Design

    How using live chat can revolutionise your ecommerce business

    Live chat is a platform that allows individual users to get in contact with a business directly. Similar to an instant messenger application, live chat occupies a middle ground between phone and email customer support. Live chat has a huge number of benefits comparing to traditional forms of customer service, and the businesses that invest […]


    Website Design

    Creating websites with mobile friendliness in mind

    Do you have a mobile phone?… (probably a stupid question) Do you look at websites on it?… (probably another stupid question) Finally, are you looking at our website, right now, on a mobile phone?… If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you’re part of the reason that mobile friendly websites are […]


    Website Design

    Is Google Flagging Your Website as Unsecure? | Explaining SSL

    The eagled eyed ones of you may have noticed that in the last couple months a circled exclamation mark has started to appear next to some website URLs. Is your website affected? Most likely… Google added this icon to raise awareness that a site is not secure. The idea being that all sites will soon […]