Alexa! How did the Page ‘Beat the Quizmas studio’ competitions go?

‘Sorry, I don’t know that one.’

The answer Alexa, is that it went brilliantly, with more and more of our customers getting into the Christmas spirit and having a go at our daily festive quizzes and puzzles as the 12 days of Quizmas went on.

An impressive 89 of you guessed that ‘Tony is a flowery freak’ is an anagram of ‘Fairytale of New York’, but only 9 out of 64 entries found 4 hats without bobbles in our Where’s Wally-style puzzle.

Overall we had over 800 entries and we distributed 30 prizes including hampers, gift vouchers, Sonos speakers and 15 Echo Dots. Hopefully Alexa is doing better at giving our winners all the answers than she did here!

We hope all our customers enjoyed our attempts to make the run up to Christmas that little bit more entertaining for everybody in their various offices and studios and cars all across the country. We’ve already got our thinking caps on devising even more cunning and devious questions for this year.

But we look forward to hearing from you all much sooner than December as we plough into another busy year in the studio. Give us a call to talk about the innovative ideas we can come up with for your next project.

Congrats to all of our Quizmas winners and thanks again to all who took part. What a lovely bunch of smilers!…

Page quizmas 2017 winners

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